The Last Hero

The Last Hero


Pratchett's perceptive and laugh-out-loud Discworld series is back, as one aging hero with a grudge decides enough is enough. Beautifully illustrated throughout by Paul Kidby.

'An enduring, endearing presence in comic literature' Guardian

It stars the legendary Cohen the Barbarian, a legend in his own lifetime. Cohen can remember when a hero didn't have to worry about fences and lawyers and civilisation, and when people didn't tell you off for killing dragons. But he can't always remember, these days, where he put his teeth...

So now, with his ancient sword and his new walking stick and his old friends - and they're very old friends - Cohen the Barbarian is going on one final quest. He's going to climb the highest mountain in the Discworld and meet his gods. The last hero in the world is going to return what the first hero stole. With a vengeance.

That'll mean the end of the world, if no one stops him in time.

Readers love The Last Hero:

'A wonderful addition to the series that made me chuckle almost non-stop and even burst out laughing loudly in public places' Goodreads reviewer,

'It wonderfully caps Rincewind's series of adventures, neatly and directly tying up his Disc-spanning journey that began in the foundational The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic' Goodreads reviewer,

'The late great Sir Terry's Conan tribute to Robert E Howard what happens to super men when they get old & there teeth fall out this old man Steptoe with muscles. But the extra special illustrations that give this book that WOW!' Goodreads reviewer,

'I read the last few pages weeping while grinning like a loon. When Sir Terry's words tickle me in all the correct places, bring on the cliche laugh and cry' Goodreads reviewer,

'[Pratchett] managed to perfectly blend a carefully crafted plot, with humour, steampunk gadgets, and of course the librarian. Pratchett really was the comic fantasy master' Goodreads reviewer,

'Pratchett's witty humour finds its perfect target - a group of aging heroes, a Dark Lord, and a group of misfit heroes trying to stop them from ending the world' Goodreads reviewer,

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