Pentatonic Scale Fluency : Learn How To Play the Minor Pentatonic Scale Effortlessly Anywhere on the Fretboard

Pentatonic Scale Fluency : Learn How To Play the Minor Pentatonic Scale Effortlessly Anywhere on the Fretboard


How to Master the Pentatonic Scale Using the Whole Fretboard

Flying up and down the guitar neck is easy when you know how. You just have to know how to join the dots. This skill isn't exclusive to the chosen few and you don't need any special talents or be lucky enough to be born gifted.

There are no tricks, no secrets and no gimmicks. If you can play the common chords and you've already messed around with the pentatonic Box 1 pattern then you've already done the hard part; it's time to move on and own the minor pentatonic scale ... just about the most important scale to master in rock, blues, pop and many other genres.

Once you crack this one important scale, the rest will become even easier once you learn the basic concept of joining scales and notes all over the guitar's fretboard. This book will show you how.

Learn how to connect all the minor pentatonic positions throughout the fretboard.Keep your focus simple. Examples are all in A minor so that you can achieve results fast.Learn how to break the scale positions down and piece them back together to make them usableIncludes diagrams and easy TAB exercises.Links to download audio examples for the exercises.Links to download a practice / jam along track in each of the twelve keys.

Although the contents of this book are quite straightforward, it's not recommended for absolute beginners. You should be able to play the common open and bar chords and preferably have at least some experience with the minor pentatonic scale to get the most out of it.

Warning: Some practice will be required. This book does not include magic tricks or gimmicks, only things that actually work.

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