Guitar Scales : Minor Pentatonic Soloing Connections: Learn to Solo with the Minor Pentatonic Scale Across the Entire Fretboard

Guitar Scales : Minor Pentatonic Soloing Connections: Learn to Solo with the Minor Pentatonic Scale Across the Entire Fretboard


Play Awesome Solos with the Minor Pentatonic Scale - Anywhere on the Guitar NeckAre you tired of being stuck in Minor Pentatonic Prison?Are you ready to break out and access the whole guitar neck... to release your inner virtuoso?Is it time for you to learn the secrets of powerful, melodic pentatonic guitar solos...

You probably know one or two positions of the minor pentatonic scale... All your guitar licks fit into tidy little boxes, and you "think" in these shapes when you solo.

But there's a problem.

You're stuck in a rut.

You play the same ideas over and over again.

And you're bored with your guitar solos...

... but it's not your fault, and this book shows you how to fix the two problems you didn't know you had.

The first step on the road to total fretboard freedom is to master the unique licks hiding in all five shapes of the minor pentatonic scale.

So that's where we start.

Every minor pentatonic shape is taught via clear diagrams, notation, and meaningful exercises that program the shapes and sounds into your muscle memory.

Next, you'll learn five expressive musical licks to play in each shape...

...but then the real magic happens.

I teach you how to instantly break out of the horizontal minor pentatonic box and access the entire neck by playing vertically.

Because that's the real secret.

Great guitarists aren't trapped in horizontal pentatonic boxes - they think vertically up and down the neck, from the open strings right up to the dusty end of the fretboard.
They sound better than you because they can smoothly link pentatonic scales together along any string and flow easily between positions.

They have unlimited soloing options to create long, fluid, musical solos.

And that's what I'll teach you: Useful, musical pathways that link all five pentatonic positions, along any string, and in any key.

Before you know it, you'll be flying up and down the neck while rocking out with fresh ideas you didn't know you had in you... fact, you'll have built total creative freedom

But that's not all!

Once you've mastered the minor pentatonic scale positions... I'll teach you how to master the major pentatonic scale too. Instantly. In any key.

No tricks, no gimmicks, just a clear highway to total fretboard freedom.

Waiting for you inside Guitar Scales: Minor Pentatonic Soloing Connections you'll find: 137 musical licks, exercises and musical patterns6 specially commissioned guitar backing tracks that make practice funClear diagrams with notation and tab to help you map out the fretboard musicallyA complete method teaching you to play what you want, where you want on the guitarIt's your complete roadmap to total guitar soloing freedom

The keys to unlock your pentatonic prison are right here.

Buy it now.

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